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This is a professional conference, and so you are expected to follow these guidelines.

1. If you register to present, plan to attend: Registering to present at a conference is a professional commitment. Do not register if you cannot attend. In the unlikely event that something prevents you from presenting, e-mail to inform us of your withdrawal from the conference.

2. Plan to arrive when registration begins and to stay the entire duration of the conference: Symposia are not organized (and paid for) so that you can present your work and leave; they are intended to foster collegiality and to promote the exchange of ideas, neither of which can take place if you simply go to your own session then duck out. Plan to attend other sessions and visit the posters during poster presentations. Session information, room locations, and abstracts will be detailed in the program.

3. Supplies: We will provide the following: Screens, LCD projectors, PowerPoint software, IBM computers, podiums, and microphones. Apple users must provide the proper equipment so that they can use our projectors. For those doing PowerPoint or video presentations, ensure before the conference that your visuals work. Have a low-tech back-up plan in the event that technology fails (see the next point). For those doing posters, we will provide mounting boards and pushpins.

4. For those presenting in sessions, follow the time allotment: You will have 15-20 minutes to do your presentation, and presiders will be monitoring time. If you go over 20 minutes, you will be asked to conclude your presentation immediately. You will not be allowed to take a few minutes to wrap it up. We recommend that you time your presentation beforehand and modify it to meet the time limits if necessary. We strongly recommend that you have a back-up plan in case technology fails: you should be able to talk about your presentation without visuals if necessary or provide handouts.

5. For those presenting posters, plan to remain at your poster during the entire poster session: Those presenting posters must arrive 15 minutes early to set up: viewing will BEGIN when registration opens at 8:00 a.m. Your posters will be on display for the duration of the conference, but you are free to attend the sessions throughout the day. Please leave your posters in place until the end of the conference: DO NOT pack up after the poster session is over: it reflects poorly on you as a professional.

6. Look professional: You should wear clothing appropriate to a business-like atmosphere: skirts and blouses, suits, or khakis and an ironed shirt are acceptable. Strive to be well groomed.

7. Turn off cell phones during sessions: If you must text someone, do it discretely between sessions. If you forget to turn off your phone and it rings in a session, turn it off immediately. Do not answer it.

8. Be respectful: Remember that this is a first-time experience for most presenters. Be kind and understanding. Never interrupt a presentation; you will have time at the end of sessions for questions.


1. Registration: Registration will open at 8:00 a.m., in the CHSS Building, location TBA. A light breakfast will be served. Present your SAM ID to receive the symposium program at check-in. Poster presenters need to arrive early to set up.

2. Parking for Guests: Parking for visitors and guests is available without a permit on Saturdays in all campus lots. The parking garage is available for $1.00 per hour ($5.00 daily). Do not park in handicap or numbered faculty reservation spaces.

3. Session Format: Each presenter will be introduced by a session presider; he/she will announce when the question-and-answer session will be held (at the end of the session, after everyone has presented). The presider will also keep track of time. If you go over your 20-minute time allotment, you will be asked to end your presentation immediately.

Each session will also include a moderator, a faculty member who has generously offered to evaluate your presenation: she/he will fill out a form, offering informal but constructive feedback on your demeanor and presentation. The moderators will give you their forms at the end of the session. Poster sessions will not have a presider but will have a moderator who will evaluate posters during the poster session.


To contact us directly, email:

Or you can contact the Honors Office at 936-294-1477 or


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